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Wind Map Overlay improved

I’ve just pushed the Wind Profile Map Overlay a bit further.

Go to your favorite airport’s wind profile map overlay. You need to go to the wind statistics first), or -as I do- go to your airport’s METAR (or whatsoever) and from there click on the “wind stuff” icon:

Wind Profile Icon

Ok, here’s an example. In the picture you can see Funchal’s Wind Profile Map Overlay:

wind profile map overlayNotice a couple of different things Continue reading “Wind Map Overlay improved” »

New Home Page Layout

Following suggestions from lots of you, we’ve changed the favourites display a little bit:

The previous display was really functional (you had links to lots of different weather reports), but it was a bit messy.
Now, in line with last month’s post, we’ve taken the redesign a step further, showing even more information at a glance.

For each of your favourite airports you’ll see:

  • Airport’s flight conditions color code
  • Wind direction and intensity (in knots, so far)
  • Cloud ceiling (in feet)
  • Visibility (in meters)
  • Temperature (in Celsius)
  • Relative humidity (%)
  • Sea Level Pressure (QNH)

This is how it looks:

new layout for mobile smartphones

By clicking on any of your favourite airports, you’ll access the Metar for that station. From there, you will have access to that station’s Tafor report, the Airport’s information and many other useful information for us pilots.

Feel free to comment. You can do so in this post or on our new Meteo·Mobile Facebook Page.

Know the wind and ceiling right away

From your favourite airports’ METARS

Right at Meteo·Mobile’s home page, you’ll get the wind direction, wind intensity and ceiling (if any).
These will be shown in gray right below each airfiled’s links to airport information, metar, metar+taf, last four metars and taf.

Remember that the fields shown at your home page are:

  1. Your top 5 visited airports
  2. PLUS those airports you ‘force’ at Your Preferences page (this is quite useful while on the go),
  3. MINUS those you decide to ‘omit’ (also at Your Preferences page, useful when you’ve lost interest in an airfield)

We hope you like it.