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Do you own a weather station?

We would like you to let us know if you have a weather station.
Lots of airports have a meteorologist making metars; but still lots of them don’t.

For the latter, we at Meteo·Mobile try to find other sources of meteorological information.

One such source is private weather stations that can be accessed remotely in some way (many modern Wx stations -like Joe’s Davis Vantage– have a web server embedded).

Another source of weather information is a webcam. Not all webcams are good for this (many point directly to the ground hiding the sky). Some webcams are combined with a weather station. Those are great!

When we find this type of accessible meteo stations, we list them in the nearby airports that don’t have metar info.

When an aviator looks for weather info for one of these airports she will at least find your weather station. That way she does get some weather info that most likely helps her make a sound decision about the flight she is about to start.

So, if you want to list your weather station in nearby airports and airfields, please let us know through a comment on this post, using our contact form, or e-mail us.