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Easily find distance between airports

By Xavi J’s request, I’ve just implemented a new improvement on the Flight Distance Calculations (under Pilot Tools)

Xavi requested to get contextual help in finding the airport he wanted to calculate the distance to.

What this means is that you can now start typing the name of the airport, and you’ll immediately get a list of airports whose names match what you’re typing.
Let’s se an example:

Say you want to calculate the distance from Miami INTL (KMIA) to Fort Lauderdale Executive but you don’t remember its ICAO identifier.
You then go to Pilot Tools, then Distance, Time & Course.

You now write KMIA in the From field. You’ll see we’ve added a new filed: Search for. Start typing “Fort Lauderdale” and you’ll see how you get a number of suggestions. Like this: Continue reading “Easily find distance between airports” »

METAR: reloaded decoded

A Metar can get confusing at times, specially for newbies.
That’s when it is helpful to have a decoder handy.

The first version of Meteo·Mobile’s metar decoder has just been released today.
It’s far from perfect, but has some of the  more important pieces of information always present in a metar report.

While pilots start enjoying this first version, we are already working on the new one, with lots of additional information.

How do you get it? Easy!
Just look for the ‘decode’ link right next to the  Heading of the met report:

KMIA metar with decode link

And here is what you’ll see once you click on the decode link:

KMIA metar decoded

As you can see, so far, the decoded elements are:

  • flight conditions (lifr, ifr, mvfr, vfr)
  • Wind direction, average intensity and gusts
  • Ceiling
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Relative humidity
  • QNH
  • Metar raw report