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Airfield Temperature Statistics now Available

Welcome the new Airfield (or station) Temperature Statistics

Take a look at the Airfield Temperature Statistics already available on Meteo·Mobile:

Anchorage Monthly Temperature Statistics

You can see the (average) Minimum, Average and Maximum Temperatures at the (air)field for each month of the year.

Hourly Temperatures

A little bit below the chart, you have buttons to see the hourly temperature averages for each month of the year. Like this: Continue reading “Airfield Temperature Statistics now Available” »

What we’ve been doing lately

We’ve done lots of things recently…
So many it is hard to remember.

Let’s try! We’ve…

  • Added ISA deviation (take a look at decoded metar)
  • Density Altitude (DA, also at decoded metar)
    This one is very interesting (specially for those airports at high altitudes, specially on warm, humiddays) Take a look, because performance drops drastically with DA.

    • In order to calculate DA, airport elevation is needed (together with QNH, temperature and dew point) So we’ve had to take a closer look at the altitudes in our database.
  • We started a debate on our recently created Facebook Page
  • We’ve added States to the airports in Both USA and Canada.
    Now you can study the map of all the airports in your favourite state.

As usual, we’ve worked hard, with YOU in mind. If we’ve missed the point, let us know!

METAR: reloaded decoded

A Metar can get confusing at times, specially for newbies.
That’s when it is helpful to have a decoder handy.

The first version of Meteo·Mobile’s metar decoder has just been released today.
It’s far from perfect, but has some of the  more important pieces of information always present in a metar report.

While pilots start enjoying this first version, we are already working on the new one, with lots of additional information.

How do you get it? Easy!
Just look for the ‘decode’ link right next to the  Heading of the met report:

KMIA metar with decode link

And here is what you’ll see once you click on the decode link:

KMIA metar decoded

As you can see, so far, the decoded elements are:

  • flight conditions (lifr, ifr, mvfr, vfr)
  • Wind direction, average intensity and gusts
  • Ceiling
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Relative humidity
  • QNH
  • Metar raw report