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Slight change to Stats page

I’ve changed the Metar Stats page a bit.
Now, you get three statistics:

  • Last 24 hours most requested metars
  • Last week’s most wanted metars
  • Most requested metars overall (we started recording request statistics back on Nov 13th 2008)

I think this gives a better understanding of what’s going on (where the weather is, or what pilots and TCPs are most interested in)

For the first Top 10, you also get the last reported conditions (lifr, ifr, mvfr or vfr).

Conditions statistics for the airport

We’ve introduced a new improvement.live streaming film Okja online

You will sure have noticed a new piece of information when you ask for a report at Meteo·Mobile:

Right above the station’s weather report you will find a new piece of information titled “Statistics“. Here you’ll see the percentage of reports posted by that stations belonging to each of the standard flying conditons categories.