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Enhanced Flight Condition Statistics

We recently deployed an improvement on Flight Condition Statistics…

To get there, simply get your airport’s Metar and Click on the Flight Conditions Statistics link there.

Now, the current month statistics will also be available, not having to wait to the end of the month for the flight condition (VFR,IFR, LIFR, MVFR) statistics to be calculated.

You’ll see that when you visit your favourite airport’s flight condition statistics page, a new chart like this appears:

Miami (KMIA) March 2010 Flight Condition Statistics

See above Miami’s (KMIA) Flight Condition chart for March 2010. In it, the percentage of METAR belonging to the categories VFR, MVFR and IFR are plotted hourly. This is a nice picture of the airports average conditions for that particular month and hour. You can compare this chart to the same month last year and see if this month is worse or better than that.

Flight schools can also use this information to estimate the flight hours available at an airport, depending on the hour of the day and month.
Pilots can plan their flight to arrive at an unknown aiport at the best time according to their own criteria regarding MVF, VFR or IFR…

Compare Miami’s chart above to that of Brookings (KBOK):

Brookings (KBOK) Flight Condition Statistics, March 2010

Or that of Delhi (VIDP):

Delhi's Flight Condition Statistics, March 2010

That’s a BIG difference, isn’t it?

Let us know how you like it!

If the statistics don’t show at first, just refresh the page. There are huge calculations behind this and sometimes your browser will timeout before getting the results from our server.

Nice improvement for the maps

Maps improved thanks to pilot comments.

Some of you had asked to see color coded icons on the map based on flight conditions at the moment.
We’ve done just that!

Now, when you visit one of our maps, you’ll see the nearby airports (alternates) icon color based on weather conditions at the time you requested the METAR.

The color code is the same as explained here.

The icons are as follows:

  • VFR flying conditions
  • Marginal VFR flying conditions
  • IFR flying conditions
  • Limited IFR flying conditions

How do you see these maps?

On the Airport Information section of every METAR page, you have the airport’s ICAO and IATA codes, the current time, its coordinates (with a link to the map), its Sunrise and Sunset times. Just below this information you have a Google map showing a satellite image of the airport (except for US users who get the SkyVector version)

Clicking on the Google map will take you to a bigger map showing the nearby alternates, now with color coded icons.
US visitors will have to use the map link  below the ICAO and IATA codes, or click on the coordinates of the airport in the same section.

We sure hope you’ll enjoy this improvement and, again, want to THANK all of  YOU for visiting us, and specially those that send us suggestions (through comments on this blog or the FeedBack form)