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Meteo·Mobile goes SOCIAL

Right at the very beginnings of Meteo·Mobile, we wanted this site to be “social“. That was back in 2006 when social wasn’t the latest hype. Ever since, we’ve developed some features so that pilots can add value for other pilots (economist call this ‘network externalities’).

Some of those efforts where the Add Points Of Interest feature, that you can use through the “Suggest a link” link at the bottom of the “Extra information for…” found on most Meteo·Mobile’s pages. Others were in the form of Feedback forms, and the like.

Facebook has become THE social network, so we’ve started including their “comments” feature.

Now, when you visit any of the pages related to an airport, Continue reading “Meteo·Mobile goes SOCIAL” »

Google maps from blackberry

I’ve recently updated the software in my blackberry and found out that they’ve implemented an improvement long wished for.

Now, when you click on a kml link, google maps for mobile opens showing the information contained in that kml file.

What this means to Meteo·Mobile users is that they no longer need to copy the kml link, open google maps, paste the link and wait.
Now, just clicking on the kml link will take care of all of that, automatically opening the google maps application.

Thus, I’ve updated the link and called it ‘mobile map’ instead of ‘kml’

I have not had the chance to check if this behavior is analogous in iPhone or other sort of handhelds, so feedback will be appreciated.

What sort of aviator are you?

I’d like to know who uses Meteo·Mobile.


First, because we exist because of you.
Also, because we make development decisions based on what we think or users wish. And for this, we use an image of what we think you are.
We used to think you are pilots. BUT we’ve discovered through you feedback that there are plenty of other people using aviador (crew members, virtual pilots, meteorology enthusiasts and teachers, controllers …).

I wish there will be plenty of answers that will help us better develop this tool.

I don’t believe in web polls. But, PLEASE, prove me wrong and answer the poll. It only takes a second.

You’ll find the poll on the right sidebar. Just click on the answer that best describes you. After that, you’ll get the poll results.