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Bug fixed!

Add Extras using all sorts of browsers

We were warned that using some particular browsers, our Add a Point Of Interest (POI) feature was not working properly.

The Add a POI feature is useful to share with other pilots those nice places we’ve discovered flying around.

That $100 hamburger, the nice pilot shop, the perfect FBO, nice views, a webcam, a weather station, and so on.

As of today, more than 1.000 POI’s have been sent by pilots just like YOU.download full movie Lady Macbeth

The rest of us owe those who took the time to send them over a tribute.

Thank YOU!

Easily Add new POI’s!

Now, you can very easily add new useful POI‘s through the new Extras page.

Half the work is done if you call it from the Send us more here link in the METAR page of your favourite field.

Drag the marker to your favourite placemark, add a description and submit it!
We’ll make sure everithing’s alright and publish it immediately, we promise…
We’re quite sure this will bring Meteo·Mobile to a whole new level of service.

Only time will tell…

Have you seen the new POI’s?

We keep improving, we think…
We’ve just added some more interesting info to Meteo·Mobile, your aviation weather page.
Now, when you ask for a METAR, TAF, or just NAV info, whenever available, you’ll get the EXTRAS (points of interest) of the airfield.
Fields with extras will appear underlined in the alternate fields list
Of course, we’re NOTHING without you, and we can only get EXTRAS if you provide some!
So GO AHEAD, and send us your extras for your favourite airfield!
You can do so, using this link.
In the near future, we plan to make this an option, for those of you that don’t need them.

Again, THANKS.

See some examples:
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