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Polygonal (multi airport) Routes

You’re gonna love this one

Our friend Lluis B. asked us a while ago to improve the routing capabilities of Meteo·Mobile
He wished to be able to get the METAR for a route that had more than just departure and destination airports.
He wanted to be able to input as many airports as he wanted and get the metars for the whole route.

Today, that’s possible. Check it out using the NEW Polygonal Route at www.aviador.es
We’re quite sure you’re gonna love this one!

Meteo·Mobile by aviador turns two

When we started back on July 12th 2006 there was nothing similar to Meteo·Mobile.
Almost no one had a data plan for the cell phone. Those who had GPRS where paying high prices for traffic.
Blackberry was probably the first company not only to understand that users where going mobile, but to really do something about it.

The company I worked for gave me one such blackberry. I was amazed by the fact that you could actually browse the internet in such a small device. I had fallen for Its high contrast screen.

Computers and gadgets are one of the things that have always thrilled me. The other is aviation.

Flying is such a beautiful thing. It is when you imagine how it would be, and it is even better when you finally discover.
There are dangers though. You have to be proficient and thorough. And you need to know the plane’s limitations and your own.

When you begin flying, one of the first things that catch your atention is the weather. I can remember very well the light rain on the day that I had to fly my first solo cross-country trip. Wow, did that innocent rain look threatening!

Before flying, I always went to the weather station in my airfield asking for the latest METAR report of my departure, destination, alternative and enroute airfields. But, what if the destination airport didn’t have a weather station? What would happen when I was to return?

But I had a blackberry!
There HAD to be something out there! Internet is SO BIG. And there wasn’t, or I couldn’t find it.
I did find some things. I found an e-mail address where you could send code that would be interpreted by a server and, in return, if the code was right, you’d get an e-mail for each METAR or TAF requested.

That was AWSOME. I recall my pilot friends getting together near the mobile device before departing to watch the latest METAR.

But it had its problems. When you traveled to a different destination, you had to change the code. You also had to know the ICAO designator of the aerodromes you would query in advance. Sometimes the response would take a couple of minutes, other times it would take a lot more than that. And you know, there is a limit to the time you can ask your pilot friends to stand by your mobile device while the info arrives.

There HAD TO BE something better! I kept searching, googling, asking… with no luck.
Even though there where plenty of sites that would give such sort of information, none of those would display decently in my blackberry or any other similar device.

What if we made something? Was that doable?

Impossible is not in my dictionary.

At first, I started playing around with HTML. I made a very simple html page that would be in my desktop and show the information related to my home field. That was NEAT!

If that could be done, why stop? I got a hosting plan and uploaded that very simple page. And it’s still there. But it has changed. Or even more, It hasn’t stopped changing and growing.

In these years, www.aviador.es has had over 70,000 different pilots get over HALF A MILLION METAR reports through over ONE MILLION pages.

Google problably does that in a millisecond, but that’s not bad at all, specially if you consider the growth is exponential.

We are thankful for your time and patience.
A special thanks go to those of you who participated giving your opinion