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METAR: reloaded decoded

A Metar can get confusing at times, specially for newbies.
That’s when it is helpful to have a decoder handy.

The first version of Meteo·Mobile’s metar decoder has just been released today.
It’s far from perfect, but has some of the  more important pieces of information always present in a metar report.

While pilots start enjoying this first version, we are already working on the new one, with lots of additional information.

How do you get it? Easy!
Just look for the ‘decode’ link right next to the  Heading of the met report:

KMIA metar with decode link

And here is what you’ll see once you click on the decode link:

KMIA metar decoded

As you can see, so far, the decoded elements are:

  • flight conditions (lifr, ifr, mvfr, vfr)
  • Wind direction, average intensity and gusts
  • Ceiling
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Relative humidity
  • QNH
  • Metar raw report

New Home Page Layout

Following suggestions from lots of you, we’ve changed the favourites display a little bit:

The previous display was really functional (you had links to lots of different weather reports), but it was a bit messy.
Now, in line with last month’s post, we’ve taken the redesign a step further, showing even more information at a glance.

For each of your favourite airports you’ll see:

  • Airport’s flight conditions color code
  • Wind direction and intensity (in knots, so far)
  • Cloud ceiling (in feet)
  • Visibility (in meters)
  • Temperature (in Celsius)
  • Relative humidity (%)
  • Sea Level Pressure (QNH)

This is how it looks:

new layout for mobile smartphones

By clicking on any of your favourite airports, you’ll access the Metar for that station. From there, you will have access to that station’s Tafor report, the Airport’s information and many other useful information for us pilots.

Feel free to comment. You can do so in this post or on our new Meteo·Mobile Facebook Page.

Meteo·Mobile Metar Alerts (beta)

Unbelievable but true!

Once more, we are leading the way…
This time, we have developed Meteo·Mobile Metar Alerts, a way to be informed the minute a METAR (or SPECI) Report is issued fulfilling certain user-defined requisites.

Instead of keeping refreshing your browser, seat back and relax, Meteo·Mobile will do the rest…

How does it work?

Just go to Meteo·Mobile Metar Alerts and configure your own alerts.
(You may need to Set your preferences before, since we’ll need you e-mail)

Once in Meteo·Mobile Alerts page, you’ll need to INSERT A NEW ALERT.

In order to do so, you’ll need to input the field’s ICAO code and the Conditions when you want to be alerted.

Entering the Alert Conditions

For now, we’ve defined three main conditions: WindCeiling and Visibility. We’re working on other conditions like Temperature and others.

WIND Keyword: W>
Example: W>20 will trigger an alert if wind (or gusts) are above 20KT.

Example: CW>15 will trigger an alert if the crosswind (no gusts) is higher than 15 at the runway with the least crosswind.

Example: BKN<030 will trigger an alert if the ceiling (BKN or OVC) is below 3000 feet AGL.

Example: VM<3000 will trigger an alert if the visibility (in meters) is below 3000 meters. The alert threshold must be a four-digit number. So if you want to have an alert for visibility below 500 meters, the alert must be configured like VM<0500.

QNH Keyword: Q> or Q<

Example: Q<1000 will trigger an alert if the QNH (in hPa) is below 1000. The alert threshold must be a four-digit number. So if you want to be alerted when QNH is below 999 your alert code is: Q<0999

Temperature Keyword: T> or T<

Example 1: T<-10 will trigger an alert if the temperature (in ºC) goes below -10.
Example 2: T>30 will trigger an alert if the temperature rises above 30 ºC.

Other Keywords: All Weather Phenomena METAR codes are rcognized (like FG, BR, TS, RA, SN, TCU, CB, etc)
Example: TCU will trigger an alert whenever it is present in the METAR.

Make sure you type the conditons in UPPERCASE and exactly as shown above.

Complex Alerts

But, what if you want to be alerted when the ceiling is below 3000′ AND wind is above 20KT?
Simple: Put both conditions separated by a semicolon, like this: BKN<030;W>20

And, what if I want to be alerted when there is TCU OR SN?
Simple: Put both conditions separated by a comma, like this: TCU,SN

You can combine as many ANDs and ORs as you like.
For example: W>20;BKN<030;SN,TCU,CB will trigger the alert whenever the wind is above 20KT and the ceiling is below 3000′ and there is Snow or Towering Cumulus or Cumulus Nimbus.

Great, isn’t it?

Alert Maintenance

Whenever you acces your alerts, you’ll be shown all of your pre-configured alerts. You’ll be able to EDIT them, DELETE them, or ENABLE/DISABLE them.

There is one thing you must keep in mind, though. Because our user registration relies on cookies, whenever you delete your cookies, Meteo·Mobile won’t recognize you anymore, and thus, you won’t be able to EDIT or DELETE your alerts. If  that day arrives, contact us and we’ll help you out.
We are working on a script to merge all previous alerts based on your email. So, make sure you register, and… Stay tuned!

We rely on cookies because it is very simple for you and gives you lots of functionalities even if you don’t register (like having your most demanded ICAO codes right in from of you when you visit Meteo·Mobile)