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Après Sky

You’ve arrived at a new airport. The flight has been a pleasure and you definitely want to celebrate it with your flying buddies.

Where to go for a drink?

If you’re lucky you’ll find welcoming local pilots that will tell you where to go. But unfortunately that’s not always the case…

Or say you’re planning a trip to a distant location and want to plan the car rental or hotel in advance.

Which one is closer to the airport?

You just got to a city famous for its beautiful venues (like Barcelona)

What to visit?

Till today, these were not easy to answer questions.

Now, you’ll also be able to visualize information about: Continue reading “Après Sky” »

What we’ve been doing lately

We’ve done lots of things recently…
So many it is hard to remember.

Let’s try! We’ve…

  • Added ISA deviation (take a look at decoded metar)
  • Density Altitude (DA, also at decoded metar)
    This one is very interesting (specially for those airports at high altitudes, specially on warm, humiddays) Take a look, because performance drops drastically with DA.

    • In order to calculate DA, airport elevation is needed (together with QNH, temperature and dew point) So we’ve had to take a closer look at the altitudes in our database.
  • We started a debate on our recently created Facebook Page
  • We’ve added States to the airports in Both USA and Canada.
    Now you can study the map of all the airports in your favourite state.

As usual, we’ve worked hard, with YOU in mind. If we’ve missed the point, let us know!

Know the wind and ceiling right away

From your favourite airports’ METARS

Right at Meteo·Mobile’s home page, you’ll get the wind direction, wind intensity and ceiling (if any).
These will be shown in gray right below each airfiled’s links to airport information, metar, metar+taf, last four metars and taf.

Remember that the fields shown at your home page are:

  1. Your top 5 visited airports
  2. PLUS those airports you ‘force’ at Your Preferences page (this is quite useful while on the go),
  3. MINUS those you decide to ‘omit’ (also at Your Preferences page, useful when you’ve lost interest in an airfield)

We hope you like it.