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Alerts in your home page

There is a NEAT new feature on Meteo·Mobile for those of you who have configured Metar Alerts:

If an alert that you configured has been triggered in the last hour, the conditions for that airport will be highligted on your home page. Like this:

So, how do you configure alerts?

There are two ways:

  1. From any Metar report, click on the NEW: ALERT Set up for [ICAO] link.
  2. From your home page, go to Pilot Tools, and then Your Metar Alerts.

From now on, detecting which airports are under your own personal minimums will be easier than ever!

I really hope you like it!

New Sunrise and Sunset tool

Thanks to your feedback (this time Juan Jose’s), we’ve devoted some time to improve a bit Meteo·Mobile’s Sunrise/Sunset capabilities…

Now, you can calculate Sunrise/Sunset times for any coordinates, on any date.

But Wait! that’s not all! You can now (if your broser accepts AJAX) type in the name of the airport whose sunrise/sunset times you want to calculate, and voilà ! the airport’s coordinates will be populated for you.

We’re making it too easy… XD