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More advantages for registered users


Starting today, we are conducting a test for an undetermined amount of time: Meteo·Mobile won’t show advertising to registered users. Another good reason to register, isn’t it?review smartphone android

We want to see if advertising is enough of a burden for users to register, this is the main reason for this experiment.
You need to know that we’ve never spammed our registered users. Actually, so far we’ve only used users email to apologize for our mistakes.

There is a little caveat for those pre-registered users. They need to re-register. Actually all they need to do is go to the registration page (where they’ll find their previous registration info) and hit the ‘submit’ button.

No more adds on your mobile

We’ve decided to discontinue advertising on mobile devices (whose user-agent shows midp).

With revenues shrinking more and more, it doesn’t make sense anymore to take your space and bandwidth.

Not that the revenue from the other adds is great, but it does helps pay the costs of hosting. And we have a good, expensive hosting because that’s the only way we pilots can get a fast aviation weather report.

We would really like to hear from you on this whole advertising matter.
We understand that you pilots don’t like seeing advertising (specially on some advanced mobile devices which show even the bigger adds) But I’m sure you do understand that hosting needs to get paid for.

I’d be glad to debate about other options and opinions. Do you have any great ideas? Share them with us!