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Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny

Once in a while our server suffers tons of requests from doubtful sources. I call this abusing our site.

These are probably bots that scrap the content of our page in order to gather certain information (who knows, airports coordinates, ICAO identifiers, weather information…)
Everyone understands that placing all that load on our server affects its performance, hurting the quality of the service we provide (for free).

While we are eager to cooperate Continue reading “Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny” »

Valued Users, please Register

We are proud to have an extensive base of loyal users.

One of the things we’ve always tried to avoid is user registration. We ourselves don’t like being forced to register in a page we visit just once in a while.

On the other hand, user registration yields lots of advantages to both the users and the ‘service providers’.

In our case, because we base lots of advantages (like showing your favourite airports up first) on cookies alone, you lose these advantages each time you delete your browsers cookies.

The only way for this not to happen is to have a unique idenifier for each user. Nowadays, the best unique identifier we can think of is a valid email address.

We’ve never spammed those users that trusted us their email address. In fact, I don’t remember the last time I sent an email to all of them. We usually only answer emails.

We have this blog as a means of comunication.

We’d like to ask those intensive users that come visit Meteo·Mobile quite often to Register. Hence, we’ve added a very small message asking for this.

In order to Register, all you need to do is visit Meteo·Mobile Registration Page. You may well end up discovering there are lots of options to choose there that you didn’t know of.

Thank you.

Know the wind and ceiling right away

From your favourite airports’ METARS

Right at Meteo·Mobile’s home page, you’ll get the wind direction, wind intensity and ceiling (if any).
These will be shown in gray right below each airfiled’s links to airport information, metar, metar+taf, last four metars and taf.

Remember that the fields shown at your home page are:

  1. Your top 5 visited airports
  2. PLUS those airports you ‘force’ at Your Preferences page (this is quite useful while on the go),
  3. MINUS those you decide to ‘omit’ (also at Your Preferences page, useful when you’ve lost interest in an airfield)

We hope you like it.