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Airfield Temperature Statistics now Available

Welcome the new Airfield (or station) Temperature Statistics

Take a look at the Airfield Temperature Statistics already available on Meteo·Mobile:

Anchorage Monthly Temperature Statistics

You can see the (average) Minimum, Average and Maximum Temperatures at the (air)field for each month of the year.

Hourly Temperatures

A little bit below the chart, you have buttons to see the hourly temperature averages for each month of the year. Like this: Continue reading “Airfield Temperature Statistics now Available” »

Fixing Broken Links

In the past years, I’ve kept adding interesting flight or aviation weather links to the Aviation Links and Weather Charts pages. But as you know, the internet is very dynamic so, once in a while, a link can go broken.

If you ever find a broken link on Meteo·Mobile, please help us by reporting the broken link.

As of today, there are no broken outgoing links at Meteo·Mobile.

And, by the way, remember you can send us your aviation-related website for us to list.

Après Sky

You’ve arrived at a new airport. The flight has been a pleasure and you definitely want to celebrate it with your flying buddies.

Where to go for a drink?

If you’re lucky you’ll find welcoming local pilots that will tell you where to go. But unfortunately that’s not always the case…

Or say you’re planning a trip to a distant location and want to plan the car rental or hotel in advance.

Which one is closer to the airport?

You just got to a city famous for its beautiful venues (like Barcelona)

What to visit?

Till today, these were not easy to answer questions.

Now, you’ll also be able to visualize information about: Continue reading “Après Sky” »