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Know bugs or solved ones

Year 2000 effect… 9 years later

For a couple of hours today, Meteo·Mobile has suffered kind of a year 2000 year 2009 effect.

With the change of the year, the algorithms that calculate whether there are new weather reports available have gone crazy.

We are very sorry for those of you who may have encountered this problem.
We’ve worked hard to fix it as soon as possible.
We’re confident the problem is fixed already.

The good side of things is that the algorithm that watches whether the information supplied is current has proved useful.
This algorithm provides another weather reports source if it finds that the weather report shown is too old.
If that is the case, a red message warns the pilot. Next to it, a question mark(‘?’) link provides a link to an additional weather reports source when pressed.

We hope the impact of this issue has been minimal, and…


Bug fixed!

Add Extras using all sorts of browsers

We were warned that using some particular browsers, our Add a Point Of Interest (POI) feature was not working properly.

The Add a POI feature is useful to share with other pilots those nice places we’ve discovered flying around.

That $100 hamburger, the nice pilot shop, the perfect FBO, nice views, a webcam, a weather station, and so on.

As of today, more than 1.000 POI’s have been sent by pilots just like full movie Lady Macbeth

The rest of us owe those who took the time to send them over a tribute.

Thank YOU!