Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny

Once in a while our server suffers tons of requests from doubtful sources. I call this abusing our site.

These are probably bots that scrap the content of our page in order to gather certain information (who knows, airports coordinates, ICAO identifiers, weather information…)
Everyone understands that placing all that load on our server affects its performance, hurting the quality of the service we provide (for free).

While we are eager to cooperate with other aviation weather related projects, we’d obviously like to be told about them. (BTW if you’re into an aviation weather-related project and you think we can help, drop us a comment here and we’ll contact you, or use our contact form for that matter)

Stealing information is not nice, right?

Other times, it’s just someone who can’t have less than the very latest information and in some way or another makes a routine that refreshes the page every 30 seconds.
Please remember that METARs are usually issued every 30 minutes, not 30 seconds. Furthermore, the weather report pages already refresh themselves every 30 minutes, so no need to start scripting for that.

Now I’ll tell you a little secret. We’re already working on automatically refreshing the page when there’s new content. Stay tuned!

Then there are those that play it smart, and block the ads on our site.
You see, the server needed to provide you with this free aviation weather information is not free. It costs a bunch of dollars every month.
To cover the costs, we display some ads on our site.
We also devote a lot of time to ensuring those are the best ads you can get.
And we don’t make a cent out of this: we invest every new penny in a better server so that you get the best service we can pay for.

We’ve never tried to recover the (many) thousands of hours we’ve invested in developing this web-app. We’re pilots and started developing this site for our own sake.

So please, be nice and un-block the ad blocker on our site, if you use one.

What do we do to scrutinized accounts?

The requests of those that place a substantial load on our servers or that don’t support the site (by blocking ads) are sent to a low priority queue.

If the abuse persists, they’re locked out of the site. We really don’t like locking people out, but we don’t mind locking bots out.

Did we make a mistake in your case?

If you think your account is mistakenly under scrutiny, contact us and we’ll study your case.

If you think ads on Meteo·Mobile need an improvement, let us know using the same procedures mentioned above. Don’t forget that you can easily get rid of ads on your desktop by registering with a valid email address.

Thanks for your understanding.

10 thoughts on “Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny”

  1. Hi I am an airline Capt and I like your website .I reconfirm my weather reports from your website.Also I have not blocked any ADS.
    Capt Sahi

  2. I am an old user of Meteo-Mobile and now I am under scrutiny, do not use any blocker for ADS.

  3. Hi. I am navigator of Il76 and I like your website. I reconfirm my weather reports from your website. Also I never have not blocked any ADS.
    Best regards


  4. Hi El,

    I have removed you from the accounts under scrutiny. Please check.
    If the site finds the ads are blocked, it will add your account to the accounts under scrutiny again.
    If you unblock the ads, your account remains under scrutiny. Accounts are only removed from scrutiny manually.
    Let me know if this helped.

  5. Hi, i’m à ULM aircraft pilot and i check the weather on your website.
    Best regard

  6. Buenas tardes soy un piloto comercial hago vuelos internos en mi pais Argentina y el uso de vuestra aplicación me es de suma utilidad.Los felicito y saludos muy atentamente Franco Arborio

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