Après Sky

You’ve arrived at a new airport. The flight has been a pleasure and you definitely want to celebrate it with your flying buddies.

Where to go for a drink?

If you’re lucky you’ll find welcoming local pilots that will tell you where to go. But unfortunately that’s not always the case…

Or say you’re planning a trip to a distant location and want to plan the car rental or hotel in advance.

Which one is closer to the airport?

You just got to a city famous for its beautiful venues (like Barcelona)

What to visit?

Till today, these were not easy to answer questions.

Now, you’ll also be able to visualize information about:

  •  food
  • drinks
  • car rentals
  • lodging
  • coffee
  • shops
  • arts
  • outdoors
  • sights
  • trending
  • specials
  • topPicks, and
  • pilots

Take a look:

venues near courchevel


These are the most popular places around Courchevel.

But that’s not all! On the upper-left corner of the map you’ll see a menu like this:

Airport's nearby venues menu

You can navigate back home, choose the type of venue (see list above), re-center the map on the airport (->·<-), visit this document (?) or navigate (D>) to some other airport’s venues.

We can do this thanks to Foursquare‘s incredible database of places that is continuously improved by thousands of users just like you and me.
Needless to say, if I were a business manager nearby an airport, I’d make sure that my venue is on that database. How? Read this article.

Hope you really enjoy it!

Note: Don’t forget that at Meteo·Mobile you can already leave airport-related comments to other fellow pilots through our Facebook-plugin (for those of your that do have a Facebook account).

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