The Weather Heatmap

The Weather Heatmap

I think this is going to be one of your favorite destinations in Meteo·Mobile:

weather heatmap

In this map, you’ll be able to see where the weather is. You’ll notice that it is really simple to locate the weather systems in this new map.

Initially, when it loads, you’ll have two layers:

  • The IFR layer (showing airports with a reported IFR or LIFR condition in their latest METAR). This layer has mainly blue colors.
  • The VFR layer (showing airports whose latest condition reported is either VFR or MVFR). This layer has mainly yellow colors.

You can toggle any of those layers ON and OFF using the buttons at the top of the map.

There is another button (Phn) that you can use to see where are the airports that have been reporting Phenomena, like

  • Precipitation:
    Drizzle, Rain, Snow, Snow Grains, Ice Crystals, Ice Pellets or Hail
  • Obscuration:
    Mist, Fog, Smoke, Volcanic Ash, Widespread Dust, Sand, Haze or Spray
  • Other:
    Sand Whirls, Squalls, Funnel Cloud, Sandstorm or Duststorm

The intensity of this layer increases with the number of phenomena and its severity. This layer has mainly magenta colors:

phenomena heatmap

Another button (Wnd) shows the places where there is a Wind reported. This one will automatically turn the phenomena off, and vice-versa, since they use the same color.

Furthermore, there is another button to show you the Cloud layer which you toggle pushing the Cld button.

There next button (?Cntrst) is used to increase the contrast of the layers. Once you increase the contrast, the same button can be used to return the contrast to its initial value.

The <- button,  will take you back to the previous page.

And lastly, the ? button will take you to this post.

A couple of comments:

The closer the airports are to each other, the higher the intensity of a heatmap. Therefore in less airport-dense areas (like Australia), it will be hard to ever see anything except isolated balloons where the airports are.

I’m thinking in expanding the possibilities of the heatmap. You could use it to show areas where…

  • There are high winds
  • There are low pressures
  • etcetera

If you want to see any of those developments in the near future, comment on this post and I’ll happily debate with you on the topic.

2 thoughts on “The Weather Heatmap”

  1. I’ve added a couple of things.
    1/ a button that shows the sunlit area
    2/ when you click on the map, you’ll get markers for the airports closest to where you clicked.

  2. And still… ONE MORE THING.
    I’ve just added the USERS layer.
    This one shows the user requests for the last couple of hours. I believe this can be a good indicator of where the weather is, or where we care how the weather is…

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