Runway directions and crosswinds

A couple of days ago, I’ve included support for runways and their directions in Meteo·Mobile. That is for most of the airports on our database.

Currently 4.759 airports feature their runway directions for a total of 7.092 runways (hey! that averages almost 1,5 runways per airport)

For runway directions to be really useful, that’s meant adding airport variation to the airports database, too. Why? Because runway directions are magnetic, and METAR winds are true (see this post on wind profiles).

This opens the door for plenty of new features, like calculating crosswind components (another post coming up on this matter).

I’m already thinking about setting up another field on your personal profile: my maximum crosswind component. This will enable this web-app to send you crosswind alerts when your personal crosswind component at your favorite airports is exceeded. Just give me a couple more days.

How are runway directions used now?

Runway directions are plotted in (most of) the Wind Statistics charts:

KORD wind profile

Decoded METARs now show the crosswind component for each known runway (ordered by least to most crosswind component when there are more than just one runway), like here:

crosswind components shown on METAR decoded
Note the tooltip that appears when hovering near the asterisk

We’re also posting the maximum crosswind component (of ALL the airports we know!!) to Meteo·Mobile’s twitter timeline every hour.  See:Crosswinds on twitter

As a friend said…

there is a risk that the followers will disregard important comments if they get used to overlooking this sort of twits.

We’ll see and react.

Only when the maximum crosswind component exceeds 30 KT, it will also get posted on our Facebook timeline, like this:

extreme crosswinds get posted to Facebook

I’m always thinking of ways to make Meteo·Mobile more useful and fun to use. I think adding runway support has definitely helped this objective.

Please, use the comments to share your thoughts on this or other ways to make Meteo·Mobile more useful and fun to use.

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