Better location-based aviation weather

I’ve completely redesigned the way geolocation is coded throughout Meteo·Mobile.

A lot is going on lately with all the location-based services with mobile phones (specially with high-end smartphones like AndroidiPhoneBlackberry,…)

Technology is moving very fast and it is not always easy to content everyone.

As I mentioned in previous posts and on our Facebook page, we have plenty of visits from Blackberry phones and our site was having trouble delivering good aviation weather content to those smartphones. Worse than that, some of our blackberry users where having trouble navigating Meteo·Mobile (some browsers were even crashing, ouch!)

Well, I hope everything is solved now. Let me know if it’s not working for you (I cannot afford to buy all models of smartphone, iPad, etc. 😉

You can tell me using our Facebook Page.

Where is it used?

So far, your location is used when you get Airports near you, and the maps that you get when you request an Airport Map or a  Map of Airports in a Country.

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