Airliner weather

I’ve always wondered what sort of weather briefings an airliner pilot gets.

The way I’ve always imagined that is:

The flight commander goes to the operations office and gets an envelope with plenty of information that a team of specialized meteorologists have prepared for the flight route.

He then studies all of that for a while and has access to either the meteorologists or a computer to clear any doubts that might arise.

Then, on board the airplane, besides the weather radar and other weather-related equipment, he has access to updated SIGMETs, METARs, PIREPs and the like.

But, is that the way it is?

We’d love to hear from those of you that know the real thing!

I know you guys are busy and I am asking for more than a couple of seconds this time. But please consider writing a comment here so that the rest of us can get a flare of what the real professional weather briefings are all about.
If you have the time to scan that sort of documentation, I will take care to anonimize it and publish it here so that the rest of us can take a look!


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  1. We’ve not had any response so far….

    It is a pitty. I am convinced of how useful this sort of information would be for all of Meteo·Mobile pilot-visitors.

    Please, give this post a second chance.

    Thanks a lot,


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