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The Weather Heatmap

The Weather Heatmap

I think this is going to be one of your favorite destinations in Meteo·Mobile:

weather heatmap

In this map, you’ll be able to see where the weather is. You’ll notice that it is really simple to locate the weather systems in this new map.

Initially, when it loads, you’ll have two layers:

New: Metar Alert Titles

The users of Metar Alerts know that whenever one alert is triggered, they get an email with a title such as…

Meteo·Mobile Alert for KJFK on 2011-11-15 14:30:00

I can configure many alerts for the same field. So when I receive an email, I wonder why that particular alert launched. Of course I can just open the email and read its contents, but…

With the new metar alert title, that won’t happen anymore. Now you can title your alerts, like …

New Metar Alert titles Continue reading “New: Metar Alert Titles” »

Ready for the next step?

We at Meteo·Mobile have always struggled to bring you the best possible meteorological information available for FREE.
Some of you just happen to need MORE:

  • File Flight Plans (FPL, including slots, CTOT with SMS confirmation)
  • Weather
  • Trip Kits
  • Airport plates
  • Serious routing capabilities
  • and more…

For those of you in need of these great features, Meteo·Mobile recommends RocketRoute:


Go ahead, register for a FREE trial and please let us know how you like it!