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Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny

Once in a while our server suffers tons of requests from doubtful sources. I call this abusing our site.

These are probably bots that scrap the content of our page in order to gather certain information (who knows, airports coordinates, ICAO identifiers, weather information…)
Everyone understands that placing all that load on our server affects its performance, hurting the quality of the service we provide (for free).

While we are eager to cooperate Continue reading “Meteo·Mobile account under scrutiny” »

Get rid of spam comments on your WordPress site

When I started Meteo·Mobile, I knew very little about the challenges related to developing a web-app and maintaining a blog to share the improvements with you.

Through the years, I’ve learnt many lessons about managing a website, some of them the hard way.

Today, we start a new category in this blog. In this new category, I intend to share some of those lessons with you.

I don’t pretend this to be an academic sort of thing. More than that, I just wish to thank some great people for the awesome things they’ve developed and shared (for free most of the time)

In this first chapter, I want to thank the Akismet WordPress plugin.

As of today, Akismet has intercepted 49,330 spam comments in this blog; 5,595 in the last six months alone. In all these years, it only gave 1 false positive (a real human comment that it tagged as spam) and only missed 35 spammy comments. That’s a great record (99,91% accuracy rate!)

So thumbs up for Akismet !