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When you ask for a Metar, this is what you get:


Above we can see the Metar itself with a couple of things that help better check that we’ve gotten what we were asking for. Name it the Date and age of the weather report. Also , if the weather report is ‘old’ we will get a red warning stating so.

Next, we get a series of links to get other Wx reports. You can get the Metar, the last 4 Metars, the Taf, All of the previous, or you can also ask for the Navigation info only.

Next, we’ll get the station’s information tha you can see here:

  • Station name and country
  • Current UTC time
  • ICAO and IATA designator for the airport
  • Links too the map and kml of the airport
  • GPS coordinates
  • Sunrise and Sunset times

Next, we’ll get the ‘Extra information‘. This a spaced reserved for pilot input; that’s where we hope that in the future you’ll find the other pilot’s advice on what to do when you go there. Anyone can use the Share your POI’s link to send us information (POI stands for Point Of Interest).
You can use that to send us:

  • Your club’s web site
  • Your favorite local FBO
  • Your local webcam

Here we have a link to all of the weather charts that include this particular airport and the Geographic information:

  • A Google map
  • A list of the nearby alternates (5 unless you specify differently in your settings)
    For each alternate you get it’s ICAO designator, the distance and true course FROM this airport.
    Also the type of alternates that you get depend on your settings. There, you can choose whether you want to see any airport or only those with weather information.

Now look at the alternate’s names.
You’ll see some are in lower case, those don’t have METAR reports. The ones in UPPER CASE do have METAR reports. And the ones underlined have extra information (supplied by other pilots).

And finally you get a form to ask for another Metar for another aiport.

Bug fixed!

Add Extras using all sorts of browsers

We were warned that using some particular browsers, our Add a Point Of Interest (POI) feature was not working properly.

The Add a POI feature is useful to share with other pilots those nice places we’ve discovered flying around.

That $100 hamburger, the nice pilot shop, the perfect FBO, nice views, a webcam, a weather station, and so on.

As of today, more than 1.000 POI’s have been sent by pilots just like YOU.download full movie Lady Macbeth

The rest of us owe those who took the time to send them over a tribute.

Thank YOU!

Easily Add new POI’s!

Now, you can very easily add new useful POI‘s through the new Extras page.

Half the work is done if you call it from the Send us more here link in the METAR page of your favourite field.

Drag the marker to your favourite placemark, add a description and submit it!
We’ll make sure everithing’s alright and publish it immediately, we promise…
We’re quite sure this will bring Meteo·Mobile to a whole new level of service.

Only time will tell…