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Get faster METARs

We’ve been recently working to improve your experience on Meteo·Mobile.

Every now and then, we’ve been getting comments criticising the fact that there was a lot of information on the METAR page.
The intention of all of that information was to provide an easy navigation. When you asked for a METAR for an airfield, you’d get the nearest alternates. That way, you could click on its ICAO identifier and directly go to the METAR for that field.

We where also showing a map (smaller for mobile devices), Sunrise and Sunset times, coordinates and lots of other information.

It is true that as Meteo·Mobile grew, more and more information was displayed and some users who only wanted the METAR were paying a high price on page load time (specially on some mobile devices with a lower bandwidth)

We’ve been experimenting with different layouts, and have come with one that (we think) is a good compromise between speed and functionality.

Basically, what we’ve done is put all of that (extra) information available through links under the “Extra Information” tag.

Now, page load time should be noticeably higher. Although it is true that some of the information is an extra click away.

So we would definitely love hearing your opinion.
You can use the comments on this blog or drop us an email, whatever you prefer.