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Flight Rules Satistics, better than ever!

I’ve just updated the way Flight Rules Statistics are shown on Meteo·Mobile.

You know that FRS (Flight Rules Statistics) are the percentage of time a Metar is VFR, MVFR, IFR or LIFR (according a standard categorization)

Thanks to a discussion on PilotsOfAmerica Forum, I realized the charts (in this previous version ) where not clear enough and redesigned them.

Now, when you access Flight Condition Statistics you’ll initially get the yearly information. Such as this:

KBOK Flight Rules Statistics

Clicking on the month’s name on the chart above, will Continue reading “Flight Rules Satistics, better than ever!” »

METAR: reloaded decoded

A Metar can get confusing at times, specially for newbies.
That’s when it is helpful to have a decoder handy.

The first version of Meteo·Mobile’s metar decoder has just been released today.
It’s far from perfect, but has some of the  more important pieces of information always present in a metar report.

While pilots start enjoying this first version, we are already working on the new one, with lots of additional information.

How do you get it? Easy!
Just look for the ‘decode’ link right next to the  Heading of the met report:

KMIA metar with decode link

And here is what you’ll see once you click on the decode link:

KMIA metar decoded

As you can see, so far, the decoded elements are:

  • flight conditions (lifr, ifr, mvfr, vfr)
  • Wind direction, average intensity and gusts
  • Ceiling
  • Visibility
  • Temperature
  • Dew Point
  • Relative humidity
  • QNH
  • Metar raw report

New icons for easier navigation

We’ve just introduced some symbols for easier navigation through the Metars, Tafs and flight condition statistics pages.

Let me explain:

Reload Metar icon Clicking on this icon, we will (re)load the metar for the current field.
Last four metars symbol icon With this one, we will get the last four metars for the station.
Tafor symbol icon This icon will take us to the Tafor for the current airport.
Metar and Taf icon Clicking on this icon you’ll get both Metars and Tafs.
Metar decoded symbol icon Let’s get the decoded metar for the station.
Metar alert icon Want to set up a new metar alert for this aiport? Click this one!
Flight condition statistics icon This icon will show the flight condition statistics for the field.
help icon This one will take you here.
Airport information icon Click on the little airplane icon to see the airport’s information.
Weather Charts icon Click on the satellite disch icon to see the airport’s weather charts.
Social Comments icon Click on the comments icon to see the airport’s social comments.

Enjoy the new navigation experience!