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What sort of aviator are you?

I’d like to know who uses Meteo·Mobile.


First, because we exist because of you.
Also, because we make development decisions based on what we think or users wish. And for this, we use an image of what we think you are.
We used to think you are pilots. BUT we’ve discovered through you feedback that there are plenty of other people using aviador (crew members, virtual pilots, meteorology enthusiasts and teachers, controllers …).

I wish there will be plenty of answers that will help us better develop this tool.

I don’t believe in web polls. But, PLEASE, prove me wrong and answer the poll. It only takes a second.

You’ll find the poll on the right sidebar. Just click on the answer that best describes you. After that, you’ll get the poll results.

The places you get to go being a pilot

The best things in Aviation are:

  • Flying
  • The People you get to know
  • The Places you get to go

At Meteo·Mobile we want to do something so that you, the more experienced aviators can share your knowledge on ” The places you get to go being a pilot

Often all we pilots need to get on a plane and get going is an excuse, a place to go. This is precisely our purpose, to give pilots lots of excuses to go flying!

So please go ahead and make happy pilots by sending us cool places:

  • Restaurants, Bars, Grills, BBQs to go eat
  • Nice Scenery to go see from the air
  • Nice airports, airstrips, grass-strips to go land and meet its people

You can do so, by using our Add-a-Cool-Aviation-Place form (very easy to use Googlemaps), by posting a comment to this post or even sending us an e-mail. We’ll do the rest.