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New icons for easier navigation

We’ve just introduced some symbols for easier navigation through the Metars, Tafs and flight condition statistics pages.

Let me explain:

Reload Metar icon Clicking on this icon, we will (re)load the metar for the current field.
Last four metars symbol icon With this one, we will get the last four metars for the station.
Tafor symbol icon This icon will take us to the Tafor for the current airport.
Metar and Taf icon Clicking on this icon you’ll get both Metars and Tafs.
Metar decoded symbol icon Let’s get the decoded metar for the station.
Metar alert icon Want to set up a new metar alert for this aiport? Click this one!
Flight condition statistics icon This icon will show the flight condition statistics for the field.
help icon This one will take you here.
Airport information icon Click on the little airplane icon to see the airport’s information.
Weather Charts icon Click on the satellite disch icon to see the airport’s weather charts.
Social Comments icon Click on the comments icon to see the airport’s social comments.

Enjoy the new navigation experience!

QNH Difference Alerts

As per Xavi J. Request, I’ve added a new Alert type: QNH Difference Alerts.

What is a QNH Difference Alert?

According to Xavi J. -an experienced glider pilot- when the difference in QNH from two airfields is higher than a particular threshold, they have mountain wave at their local airfield. This could be explained by the fact that winds tend to go from higher pressure areas to lower pressure areas. And in Xavi’s particular case, when the wind blows strongly from the North and there is marked stability, they get the valued mountain wave at La Cerdanya (LECD).
I am not sure whether lots of people will be able to benefit from this kind of alert. But, who knows? You will find out, won’t you? And then, please let me know.

How do I configure the QNH Alert?

Very easy, just navigate to the appropriate Your Preferences menu and input the airport ICAO code for both stations. Then, input the QNH difference threshold (in HPa, please).

When the QNH at the second airport is higher than that of the first airport by the amount you have just cofigured, you’ll get an alert in your email (well, of course you need to Register first, if you hadn’t before)

By the way, La Cerdanya -in the Spanish Pyrenees- is a gorgeous place for mountain soaring (they get thermal, slope and wave soaring).
At the same aerodrome, you can eat at Urvati Sidrería where Eva and Urtus will make you feel at home. And last but not least, you can get your PADI degree for high altitude scuba diving at SCUBA 0.76

Alerts in your home page

There is a NEAT new feature on Meteo·Mobile for those of you who have configured Metar Alerts:

If an alert that you configured has been triggered in the last hour, the conditions for that airport will be highligted on your home page. Like this:

So, how do you configure alerts?

There are two ways:

  1. From any Metar report, click on the NEW: ALERT Set up for [ICAO] link.
  2. From your home page, go to Pilot Tools, and then Your Metar Alerts.

From now on, detecting which airports are under your own personal minimums will be easier than ever!

I really hope you like it!