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The Weather Heatmap

The Weather Heatmap

I think this is going to be one of your favorite destinations in Meteo·Mobile:

weather heatmap

In this map, you’ll be able to see where the weather is. You’ll notice that it is really simple to locate the weather systems in this new map.

Initially, when it loads, you’ll have two layers:

Runway directions and crosswinds

A couple of days ago, I’ve included support for runways and their directions in Meteo·Mobile. That is for most of the airports on our database.

Currently 4.759 airports feature their runway directions for a total of 7.092 runways (hey! that averages almost 1,5 runways per airport)

For runway directions to be really useful, that’s meant adding airport variation to the airports database, too. Why? Because runway directions are magnetic, and METAR winds are true (see this post on wind profiles).

This opens the door for plenty of new features Continue reading “Runway directions and crosswinds” »

Flight Rules Satistics, better than ever!

I’ve just updated the way Flight Rules Statistics are shown on Meteo·Mobile.

You know that FRS (Flight Rules Statistics) are the percentage of time a Metar is VFR, MVFR, IFR or LIFR (according a standard categorization)

Thanks to a discussion on PilotsOfAmerica Forum, I realized the charts (in this previous version ) where not clear enough and redesigned them.

Now, when you access Flight Condition Statistics you’ll initially get the yearly information. Such as this:

KBOK Flight Rules Statistics

Clicking on the month’s name on the chart above, will Continue reading “Flight Rules Satistics, better than ever!” »