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Metar Alerts now with Crosswind Alerts

I’ve just included another parameter for you to configure your Metar Alerts: Crosswind.

The crosswind considered at the computation is that at the runway with least crosswind, if there is more than one runway.

You can see how to configure this new alert parameter in the original Metar Alerts post.

I really hope you enjoy getting an email whenever the crosswind at our favorite airport goes above your personal limit. Let me know how you use it!

NEW: Wind Profiles

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve made a long lasting wish come true, to bring to you…

Wind Profiles

How to get them?

Easy: go to Meteo·Mobile Wind Profiles and input the ICAO code of the airport you want to explore. Or, hit on the Wind Profile Icon wind profile icon that you’ll find on all airports Extra Information section (if they have METAR reports, of course)

Check it out: Let’s take a look at KORD (Chicago) wind profile:

Chicago Airport Wind Profile

This radar chart shows the predominant winds at

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