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The places you get to go being a pilot

The best things in Aviation are:

  • Flying
  • The People you get to know
  • The Places you get to go

At Meteo·Mobile we want to do something so that you, the more experienced aviators can share your knowledge on ” The places you get to go being a pilot

Often all we pilots need to get on a plane and get going is an excuse, a place to go. This is precisely our purpose, to give pilots lots of excuses to go flying!

So please go ahead and make happy pilots by sending us cool places:

  • Restaurants, Bars, Grills, BBQs to go eat
  • Nice Scenery to go see from the air
  • Nice airports, airstrips, grass-strips to go land and meet its people

You can do so, by using our Add-a-Cool-Aviation-Place form (very easy to use Googlemaps), by posting a comment to this post or even sending us an e-mail. We’ll do the rest.