Wind Map Overlay improved

I’ve just pushed the Wind Profile Map Overlay a bit further.

Go to your favorite airport’s wind profile map overlay. You need to go to the wind statistics first), or -as I do- go to your airport’s METAR (or whatsoever) and from there click on the “wind stuff” icon:

Wind Profile Icon

Ok, here’s an example. In the picture you can see Funchal’s Wind Profile Map Overlay:

wind profile map overlayNotice a couple of different things under the image. There’s now a year selector (which defaults to “All” years), and there’s also a “Clear All” button.

Play a little bit with them and discover what the winds are like in your airfield on the different months of the year.

Of course, you’ll see we started gathering wind statistics on June 2011, and the current year is limited until the last full month:

Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 15.23.04When you’ve selected too many different months and want to reset to “as new” conditions, hit the “Clear All” button.

And yes, now you’ll notice the minute I don’t update the statistics on time.

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