New: Metar Alert Titles

The users of Metar Alerts know that whenever one alert is triggered, they get an email with a title such as…

Meteo·Mobile Alert for KJFK on 2011-11-15 14:30:00

I can configure many alerts for the same field. So when I receive an email, I wonder why that particular alert launched. Of course I can just open the email and read its contents, but…

With the new metar alert title, that won’t happen anymore. Now you can title your alerts, like …

New Metar Alert titles

and you’ll get a new email titled

<your title> in <ICAO> on <UTC time>

One example would be

Windy in KJFK on 2011-11-15 14:30:00

I’m sure you were missing this. Use our Google+ page, or our Facebook page or our Twitter account to let us know!

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