Wind Profile Map Overlay

When I published the new Wind Profiles, I started thinking it’d be nice to have those statistics overlaid on the airport map.

I’ve just deployed that feature. You can see how it looks here:

Wind Profile Map overlay
The image belongs to Gnoss Field airport, famous for its crosswinds

Not long after having done that, I realized that soon I’d like to be able to see the different wind profiles by month. So, you’ll see in the bottom of the map, that I also added a couple of buttons to toggle each of the wind profiles. So you can see ‘All’, which is an aggregated wind profile, or each of the monthly wind profiles.
Ain’t it cool to be able to take a look at all of that aviation weather information from your iPhone, Blackberry or Android smartphones?

But, wait a minute… Runway headings don’t correspond with the headings shown!

Well, for places with a high variation (or declination) that will be right. You see, (usually) runways are numbered according to magnetic heading whilst METAR winds are given in relation to True North.

So, the wind profiles shown are correct, since they are plotted in relation to True North (well, in fact grid North) and data is taken from the Metars, also from True North.

BTW, for those of you wondering, winds given by TWR are in relation to magnetic heading, which makes sense.

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