New Multi Metar Route

After a request from the Pipeline Surveillance pilots of Canada, I’ve just deployed a new improvement:

Whenever you request a Multiple Metar report, you can now check the “Save Route” box, give it a name, and hit the Submit button.

Multi Metar Route

After that, the ‘Metar Route’ will conveniently become available for future use in your home page. The Routes section will look like this:

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You can of course insert, edit, delete or disable your previous routes by going to Your Preferences > Your Routes.

This is our little contribution to all those pilots struggling to get their weather information while enroute.

Hope you like it!

2 thoughts on “New Multi Metar Route”

  1. I’ve changed the button to a bigger size in order to make it easier to click (specially in the air, with turbulence)
    Taking advantage of the space available, I’ve also included the condition color code for the airports belonging to the route.
    This way you now have a quick first impression of what the weather is like in the route.

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