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All of the following charts are based on data from the latest 24 hours of available Metars for KAWO.

ARLINGTON MUNI's Temperature, Dew point & RH

This chart shows the temperature, dew point and relative humidity.
The chart is interactive, so you can click on any point to see its value.
Weather stations with partial metar schedule will show a discontinuity.
All times are UTC.

QNH and Density Altitude

This chart shows the QNH (in hPa). For those fields with known elevation density altitude (in feet) is also shown.
Field elevation: 138

Wind Direction and Intensity

This chart shows the Wind intensity, gusts (both in kt) and directon (deg).
Note that wind intesity is the average speed over a 2-minute period (direction may not be reported when below 6 knot)
Note also that Gusts are indicated by rapid fluctuations in wind speed with a variation of 10 knots or more between peaks and lulls


This is the BETA Wind Statistics for KAWO (ARLINGTON MUNI in USA).

Frequency Distribution

This represents the number of times the wind blows in each direction
Scale in Percentage points compared to maximum

Last 24 metar Wind for KAWO

ARLINGTON MUNI's FR Category hour by hour:

The Flight Rules category follows this standard categorization:
This table shows only those times when the FR category changes
04:56 - MVFR06:30 - MVFR23:40 - MVFR03:53 - MVFR
06:13 - VFR22:19 - VFR00:11 - VFR

ARLINGTON MUNI's Phenomena hour by hour:

This table shows only those times when present phenomena changes
These are the observed weather phenomena:
12:46 : -RA17:16 : -RA20:48 : -RA
14:56 : -19:56 : -20:56 : -

ARLINGTON MUNI's Ceiling & Visibility:

This chart shows the ceiling and visibility.

Extra information for KAWO:More info

AIRNAV info for KAWO