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KDLS Decoded Metar

Report Time2017-11-24 01:53:00
UTC Time2017-11-24 02:11:26
Flight Rules vfr VFR
Wind290° at 11 Gusting to 18 kt
W.Decomp.*RWY 25: 10.0 kt HW 4.6 kt RCW
RWY 31: 9.0 kt HW 6.3 kt LCW
W.Rank290° ranks 5
Current wind is below 290° avg. (11.5)
Visibility9999 m
Clouds:Scattered 047 Hf
Broken 060 Hf
Expected CloudBase > 2,000 ft AGL from Temp-Dew spread
Ceiling6,000 ft
Temp13°C (ISA -2)
Dew Point08°C (72% RH)
QNH1013 hPa
Density Alt197 ft
Elevation233 ft
Report Wrong Elevation
Raw Report
METAR KDLS 240153Z AUTO 29011G18KT 10SM SCT047 BKN060 13/08 A2990 RMK
AO2 RAB16E25 SLP124 P0000 T01280078=

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